Quinten Buijsse

About Quinten Buijsse

I am a photography artist working in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Capturing the landscape is a permanent factor in my work as a photography artist; the landscape and I keep evolving. For my self-initiated projects I prefer to work slowly and to use a large format view camera on a tripod. I started working with the large camera years ago, because I wanted to reveal the, in my opinion, disordered and sprawled situations in the landscape. I made neutral images with razor-sharp details because everything had to be clearly visible. This slow analogue method has become my second nature that enables me to look better and longer.

Now that I have learned to see things clearly, I have moved away from the sharp approach. For the ongoing project "the human nature" I sought for the best way to capture our man-made idealized natural landscape and I found it in an antique lens. The optical characteristics and phenomena are not merely aesthetic, they also provide the images with a mystical quality that corresponds to our romantic design of the landscape; the best visual description of our natural landscape is a romantic description.

My work has been exhibited in The Netherlands and Belgium and is represented in the collections of Centre for Visual Arts and Architecture Zeeland and Rotterdam and various private collections.

In addition to my long term projects I am also available for collaborations with artistic intent, industrial or architectural assignments and portraiture. I have been working for architects like Benthem-Crouwel and Cepezed, museums as Boijmans-Van Beuningen and NAi (now called Het Nieuwe Instituut), book designers and publishers, non/low profit institutions such as Sculpture International Rotterdam, the Centre for Visual Arts and Architecture Zeeland and Rotterdam, Vestrock Festival and companies like Malt House The Swaen. Because I have worked on long term projects for several museums and institutions, photographing art objects has also become a specialty.

Furthermore, because I am a skilled hybrid photographer with a fully operational black & white darkroom, I would be glad to be of help with film developing, printing, scanning, retouching and framing.

If you have any further questions you can get in touch with me via e-mail at quintenbuijssephotographer [at] gmail.com or mobile phone at + 31 6 38 61 98 23.